Thor aka He Man
Loki aka Edward Scissorhands
Bruce Banner aka Two Face
Nick Fury aka Mace Windu (obv)
Steve Rogers aka Tony Stark
Tony Stark aka A beautiful lady
Clint Barton aka Robin Hood
Natasha Romanov aka The missing female member of The Village People 


“Last week I told her that we should run away and live a carefree life somewhere exotic… like Pittsburg.”

“What did she say to that?”

“She didn’t say anything. She just… punched.”


it needed to be done

“Where’s my soda?”
“The Dr. Pepper? It’s in its nest…”

That one time when Tony Stark and Thor have had a little too much to drink.


The Avengers need good press, the Hawkeye edition.


The Avengers need good press: in which Xavier thinks that it’s a freaking good idea (but Logan doesn’t).