So this is happening on Sunday. I’m doing a lecture about Ray Bradbury at AnimeShow 2013 in Istropolis, Bratislava.

Met Kid Koala few hours ago. Such a sweet sweet guy. Did an amazing show in Bratislava. Had wonderful dancers, dancing puppets, brilliant turntablism skills and everything was just perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole concert. After the gig I went to him and asked him about comics and really did nothing special and he just gave me his comics Space Cadet with a soundtrack as a gift. I’m still thinking about that moment and about Kid Koala and how sweet and wonderful person he is. I hope only good things happen to him. He’s from Canada. I’m not so surprised now but it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Had 165 followers yesterday. Posted short post with words in it. Lost 2 followers. Those words, what did I think??? Folks want pictures, they need gifs, words are bad and evil. But I feel like words, however uninteresting, is what suits me now. Anyway, of course it matters a bit, loosing followers, and I’m on hiatus a bit, having too many stuff going on in my life. Mostly associated with my radio work. Helping with Radio_Head Awards, with programme Baláž a Hubinák, random stuff like Pohoda briefing. Apart from that trying to read as much as possible, trying not to surf the net blindly and without a purpose, which is quite hard. Whatever. 

I like the way things have been happening recently.

This is a photo from yesterday from Pohoda briefing. All the guys and gals there are so so happy Atoms for Peace are playing Pohoda festival in July. They really love Thom Yorke, too. I had a great time with them, staying much longer than other press people. I wish them all the best with the festival.

All for now. Might write someday soon. Might not.

I’m reading Hazed. Brilliant comics. Sororities, eating disorders, college life, casual sex, mean girls, dumb boys and so on. Amazing story by Mark Sable and art by Robbi Rodriguez. Highly recommended.



William Shatner being cute as pie. x

Aww reminds me of this:


I finished The Damned by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. Pretty good noir comics with demons, demons in suits, cynicism, bad guys, bad guys in suits, dead guys and dead guys in suits. Now I need to get The Damned: Prodigal Sons somewhere.

Anne Hathaway | ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at EE BAFTA 2013 [10.02.2013]